July 1, 2020


This is what remote service at a dealer's center should be

Application as a business tool for a BMW dealer

Usually the automobile industry responds to IT innovations with neat conservatism. Certainly some automation solutions have taken root here, but few decide to go further and build relationships with clients mainly in the online environment. In Belarus, ones of the first who decided to do this were guys in Bayernkraft, a BMW dealer's center.

Our task was to provide a full-fledged business class remote service with a good range of marketing tools.

Why do we like this project?

Application as a business tool
Sales, marketing, accounting, loyalty, feedback — apps should work for businesses in these areas.

Service instead of promises
Real service appointments instead of callbacks. Individual calculation of prices instead of long price lists.

Global brand and a 150 page guide
When a manufacturer puts its heart and soul into what it does, we want to reciprocate. We like working with those for whom there is no compromise.

Why does a dealer need such app:

  • automation and reduction of the workload on employees;
  • increase in average purchase amount, individual recommendations, cross-selling and package offers;
  • smooth transition from warranty to post-warranty service;
  • customer loyalty and contribution to reputation.

Service control panel

It all starts with a quick SMS login. At the first authorization it is enough for all the data about your BMW to appear in your account.

The main section gets a customized design: the app pulls up the model and color of the car, there is a function to add your own photo.

Almost all our projects include complex integration with 1C. Bayernkraft is not an exception: all purchases, events and service history in the app are synchronized with the dealer's systems.

Drag the history up to go to the full version. Here you can see a detailed report on the work performed and prices.

If the car is now in the service center, you can always see the current status in the app. Each status change is duplicated by a push notification, so there is no need to be afraid to miss a call from a dealer, you will be the first to know about everything.

Individual pricing and automatic appointment for service

You don't need to study long price lists to estimate preliminary cost of work. Just ask the dealer for an estimate and get a quote for your car.

Prices will be automatically saved in the app. Now you can choose convenient time to make an appointment with the service center. The app will calculate the required number of hours for work and show the available dates and time. It is important that this is a real service appointment, which is fixed on the dealer's side, and not a callback request.

Integrated messenger

Text messaging is increasingly pushing calls into the background. The messenger built into the app allows the client to quickly ask a question to the desired department. The dealer receives not only the message, but also the car data and customer service history. Additional features include buttons for quick actions: for example, registering for service or a test drive.

Catalog and cross sales where they need to be

Nowadays people want to protect themselves from unnecessary information noise. The essential information should itself find them where it is convenient for them and when it is necessary.

A catalog of cars with a set of filters, detailed specifications, an appointment for a test drive and a set of quick actions to contact the dealer.

Selections of service packages: for example, preparing the car for the winter. Of course, with current prices for the user's model and the ability to instantly make an appointment with the service center.

Large store of original accessories and related products. Good service is inseparable from quality shopping.

As a result, Bayernkraft got a strong competitive advantage and a functional business tool. Such solutions are good because they can evolve for an infinitely long time following the company's tasks, acquire new modules and even form communities of brand fans around them.

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