React Native
We create cross-platform applications on pure react native, but if necessary, we can safely add native code. Our applications will work out and look identical to the native ones.
Mobile Development
We can take your idea and make a reliable and stylish mobile app out of it. We cover all aspects of a relevant product development: business analysis of an initial idea, UI/UX design, software development itself, cyber security, quality assurance.
Ecommerce Development
We implement projects for e-commerce and b2b. We work with both online stores and large retailers. We are happy to undertake integration of any complexity. We set up analytics, create user-friendly interfaces, and build a server architecture. We make easily scalable projects and build entire ecosystems for business. We work with AI-based automatic recommendation systems. We are engaged in integration with CDP.
UX / UI Design
We create beautiful ergonomic UX/UI design for web and mobile to boost your business through the improvement of your product.
Custom Web Solutions
We work with telephony, processing of huge amounts of data, interaction with the interbank sector, government agencies, payment systems, and restaurant software. There are no barriers for us in the technologies or devices used. We carry out any ideas, whether it is a mobile application, an application for a TV, an information kiosk or a piece of iron.
Software Development for Startups
Over the years of working with restaurants, foodtech startups and aggregators, we have accumulated serious experience and are ready to share our expertise. We can't imagine good projects without analytics and high-quality integrations. We can quickly release MVP to the market and collect feedback.
If you recognize yourself in the list above, write to us and we will help you to make a breakthrough!

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