16 September 2021

Today we were honored as the top developers in Belarus for our prompt and reactive customer service in tose categories: Mobile App Development, iOS Development, and Web Development. You can find more information here, in The Manifest rank, made by the Clutch team.

18 August 2021

Get device location by telephony (SIM card) or settings without using a GPS tracker. We've just released a new package for Open Source.

18 August 2021

In one of the projects, we needed to work with Apple Wallet on React Native. We have studied more than one library, but we have not found anything suitable. Therefore, we have created our own package for open source and share it with you.

17 August 2021

Launch of Radiomir

01 June 2021

We have made an apple wallet on React Native for the St. Petersburg project.

23 May 2021

We have published a case of one of our favorite projects – Ulej. The coolest crowdfunding platform, which in 4 years attracted 831 projects that scored more than $850,000 in total. The success rate of projects is ~37%, which can be compared with the indicators of the best crowdfunding platforms, such as kickstarter, indiegogo and planeta.ru.

28 April 2021

Release of SaaS product for exchanging private messages between different platform users.

15 April 2021

Launch of leasing service Reso.

14 April 2021

Translation of the article about the burnout of one developer took 75 likes, 175 savings and 76 comments. It was seen by 55 900 people.

10 April 2021

The project Doors-install is already completely finished. This is a service from a major American door manufacturer that allows you to search for masters for installation in the United States by ZIP code. So far, this is an MVP who knows how to select specialists in the area specified by the client, and if there are no available ones, then offer them in neighboring ones.

03 March 2021

A new article on Medium was posted. It’s about how to create a perfect online store. You can read it here.

24 February 2021

We wrote an article about how to create a marketplace that will not be inferior to Wildberries and posted it on Medium.

18 February 2021

Release of a Polymertorg case – one of the greatest examples of business automatization with the help of a personal account.

01 February 2021

We released a case about the Belarusian marketplace of luxury goods – Fashion House. It’s our favorite eCommerce project and we are proud of it.

20 January 2021

We released an app with the startup YPA in Food that will solve all these pains and even more. Now you can: make real table reservations instead of a callback request; order from the menu without a waiter; pre-order meals in local cafes and street food; make automatic payment with a card linked to your account; use an option for calling a waiter to your table directly from the app.

15 January 2021

Check out our story on our project with Mediacube Network the official YouTube partner network, which works with bloggers in more than 60 countries. We created a platform that provides access to statistical data to influencers, automates financial interaction with them.

10 January 2021

The IT community sometimes can be really weird, especially in Russia. Fortunately, we had a case to refute it. Recently one developer created a tool that pixel-by-pixel could show image differences. He named it “odiff — the fastest in the world”. Our techlead researched and made his own tool that was 3X faster — imgdiff. He wrote about it on Github and reached 1.5 stars from the community in 2 days. Soon the author of the odiff commented on an article, thanked, and told that he improved his tool. Long story short, you can find everything here.

18 December 2020

We made a 2048-game using Rust. Here is the story about it.

17 November 2020

We created an app Giftary, that looks like a wishlist. It helps to make a surprise for your friend or colleague whenever you want.

16 March 2018

We told about our experience in developing using SPA на VueJS + Nuxt on habr.ru (the biggest blog for developers).