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Web DevelopmentWeb Development
Web Development
Web Development
The development of reliable and scalable software solutions for any OS, browser and device.
Web portal
Mobile Development
Mobile Development
We create a featured mobile app to provide your business with a greater reach with ROI in the market.
UX/UI Design
UX/UI Design
We design logical and convenient interfaces of products and services.
Embedded Software
Embedded Software
We design unique solutions that allow you to control any devices and combine all your products into a single ecosystem.
Human machine interfaces
Network solutions


We have great experience in e-commerce & food tech. But there are much more cases in our portfolio. Choose solution you need and find more information.

Our Technology Stack



We usually use a bunch of PHP and Laravel/Symfony. And also Node.js. for instant notifications, chats and anything that works in real time. We add Go or Crystal for tasks related to the rapid processing of large amounts of data.

Front-end & mobile


We use react and next.js for web application development. This greatly simplifies their further support and scalability. We work a lot with React Native, supplementing it with native code if necessary. This allows you to create applications that feel equally good on iOS and Android. Know how to reuse code between web and mobile in complex ecosystems.



We deploy most projects on DigitalOcean clouds. For fast deployment and similarity of dev, staging and production environments, we use Docker and Kubernetes in close conjunction with GitLab's CI / CD.



We always choose a database for a specific task or project. In the arsenal of PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, ClickHouse.

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avatarGeorge, our account manager
First, most likely, you will meet George. He is our key account manager. He will tell you about our experience, show our best cases so that you understand what we can do. Then he will find out all your requests in detail. After that he will make an offer that you won’t be able to refuse, we hope so.
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They know what works in development and from a customer's perspective. They had a genuine interest in resolving the client's challenges and providing effective solutions to complex issues. The team also managed the engagement well. Moreover, their resources had great UI/UX design expertise. Overall, the partnership was truly successful.
Felix Hagelin
Thanks to dev.family's efforts, the client has received over 130,000 orders and seen 70,000 new users in the last two years. The team is always providing progress updates, which has kept the client on the same page. Their skills in ReactNative are critical to the project's success.
Founder, Beauty & Cosmetics Company
dev.family successfully completed all deliverables, requirements, and edits to the team as carefully as possible. The application recorded over 15,000 downloads, indicating the project's success. dev.family was technically savvy, and their genuine interest in the development led to fruitful results.
Umar Shodiev
Co-Founder & CTO, DZZRT eSports gaming club
The app received a 4.7 rating in the app store. dev.family's UI/UX design was highly useful. The vendor had a high level of work with their React Native technology.
William Artamon
Owner & Founder, WorkoutLabs
dev.family showed excellence in simultaneously developing and designing the platform, which sped up the process. They constantly maintained effective communication through phone calls and kept the client updated. Their sense of urgency with the tasks was commendable.
Fülöp Sovarga
Project Director, Melur Destination Management GmbH
Through this collaboration, the company was able to attract more influencers to engage with them and secure $10 million worth of investment. The team members were commended for their dedication and field expertise, especially in data management.
Michael Bychenok
CEO, MediaCube Network

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