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Technical Expertise
We have specialized knowledge and technical expertise in building robust and scalable software solutions. We can create crowdfunding platforms with advanced features, secure payment gateways, and user-friendly interfaces, ensuring a smooth and seamless crowdfunding experience
Cost Efficiency
By outsourcing your project, you can benefit from cost savings in terms of infrastructure, recruitment, training, and ongoing maintenance expenses.
Scalability and Flexibility
We can accommodate your specific project requirements and scale the resources as needed. Whether you have a small-scale campaign or a large-scale initiative, we can provide the necessary flexibility to adapt to changing project needs and handle increased demand.
Quality Assurance
We often have dedicated quality assurance processes in place to ensure the delivery of high-quality software solutions. We perform thorough testing, bug fixing, and quality checks to ensure that your crowdfunding platform is reliable, secure, and free from technical issues

Featured case studies

Crowdfunding Platform Development
  • Developing a customized crowdfunding platform from scratch that allows individuals or organizations to create fundraising campaigns, accept donations or investments, and provide features for campaign management, user profiles, social sharing, and secure payment processing
Payment Gateway Integration
  • Integrating secure and reliable payment gateways into crowdfunding platforms to enable seamless transactions and facilitate the collection and distribution of funds
Campaign Management Tools
  • Building comprehensive campaign management tools that assist campaign creators in setting goals, creating compelling campaign pages, managing updates, and tracking the progress of their crowdfunding campaigns
Social Media Integration
  • Integrating social media platforms to enable campaign creators to leverage social networks for promotion, share campaign updates, and increase the visibility and reach of their crowdfunding campaigns.
User Profile and Authentication
  • Developing user profile management systems that allow campaign creators, backers, and supporters to create accounts, manage personal information, track their contributions, and engage with the crowdfunding community.
Fund Disbursement and Escrow Services
  • Creating secure and reliable fund disbursement mechanisms that ensure funds raised through crowdfunding campaigns are distributed to campaign creators in a transparent and timely manner. Implementing escrow services can provide an additional layer of security and trust.
Analytics and Reporting
  • Building analytics and reporting tools that provide campaign creators with insights into campaign performance, donor behavior, and contribution trends. These tools can help campaign creators refine their strategies and optimize their crowdfunding efforts.
Mobile Applications
  • Developing mobile applications for crowdfunding platforms, enabling campaign creators and backers to access and manage their campaigns, make contributions, receive campaign updates, and engage with the crowdfunding community on the go.
Fundraising Marketplace
  • Creating a marketplace where campaign creators can connect with service providers, such as designers, marketers, and video producers, who can assist them in creating compelling campaign content and promoting their projects.
Our Clients
How to understand that we have love with our clients? We have been cooperating for several years, we are proud of each project and continue our relationship, even after the completion of the work ❤️
Mola Mola
Fashion House
Workout Labs
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High level of engagement and support
No question will remain unanswered, because we accompany our clients along the whole way to a fully functional solution.
We deliver fast and on budget
We understand your vital need to be faster, so we deliver on time and meet your requirements within a predefined budget.
Just give us the idea, and we'll do the rest
It doesn't matter if you have only a vague concept or a detailed specification for your desired solution, our consultants will gladly assist you in turning your tech ideas into reality.
Сonformity to agreements, confidence in services
No need for you to worry about potential project risks or issues — we'll meet the challenges. You simply enjoy first-class services within a predicted scope, timeframe, and budget.
We have no restrictions on the project size
We are flexible in terms of project size and can start working at any stage of your application’s lifecycle, consulting you on the new product or suggesting smart improvements to the existing one.

We proved our expertise amongst

“Thanks to, the client has gained more than 20 huge customers such as malls, offices, and condominiums. The team goes above and beyond to deliver solutions before the deadline. Their outstanding communication skills and ability to address any issues or delays are hallmarks of their work.”
Dmitrii T.
CEO, Hippo Parking

Got a project in mind?

If you are looking for a Technology Partner for your business, fill out the form below, and we will contact you at short notice.

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