The prize sector, or how to make the user want to buy from you

Max L, project manager
Max L, project manager
Dec 27, 2023
13 minutes

Beerpoint. The beginning

Our client is a chain of draft beer stores in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. He came to us with a developed network of offline outlets (more than 150 stores), a website on tilda and the desire to become the best on the market.
What was needed for this? Come up with a way to attract new users and retain old ones. Both of these tasks are solved with the help of a convenient mobile application and a loyalty program that would encourage users to choose Beerpoint.
The owner of a large chain came to us with these thoughts. He had a cool idea and some drafts, and we helped implement them as part of a mobile application. Here we will talk in more detail about what is under the hood and what features it has.

Fourth year “in a relationship” with a client

The project was launched in August 2021. Now it’s 2024, and “Pivtochka” is still with us. We continue to develop and update the project. For example, in 2022:
Added a family group. This means that you can now share points or a discount with your relatives or friends whom you gather into your “family”.
We added support for existing customers via chats for general questions or questions about orders. Each problem has its own chat to track how it is being resolved, rather than rummaging through message history.
We redesigned the catalog: changed the structure and added the ability to mark “tried”/“want to try” and then filter by them.
Added the ability to create personal notes about products. There are many varieties - you won’t remember all of them, how bitter/sweet/sour they are. Or which snack tastes better with it. Now you can write it down “like in a notebook.”

In 2023, together with the client, we began to improve the loyalty program. We wanted to add gamification, which the new generation values so much. I will tell you about it in the next part.

Briefly about beer lovers

Our client lives in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, where, according to Rosstat, the population is ~ 5,600,000 people.
Let's try to calculate our DAU:
DAU is the number of unique users interacting with an application during a 24-hour activity window.
- 400,000 - under drinking age (<18)
- 2,080,000 - 40% do not drink alcohol
That leaves a modest 3,120,000 of which:
- 80% - prefer beer
- 25% - choose draft (and this is exactly our niche)
And now we already have 624,000 draft beer lovers. But that’s not all:
- Only 4% use daily
As a result, we remain with our DAU of 24,960 people.
Of course, there are those who drink more than once a week.
For simplicity, let's add the same value to our DAU and round it up to 50,000 thousand customers who visit points with draft beer every day.
Our client's company occupies approximately 20-25% of this market.

What to do when you want more?

So, the client was faced with the question: “How to increase DAU in the application, increase the average bill and loyalty?”
In other words, he needs to find a universal solution that will help “stir up” old users, attract new ones, and make everyone buy more than usual.
Is there any solution that could affect everything at once? ????
It turned out there is, and its name is “Wheel of Fortune”.

What's the point of the wheel?

At first glance, it may seem that it looks too childish and “smells” of either “Wheel of fortune” or a TV show from the 90s, where you need to call the studio to form words from letters. But practice has shown that it does not leave anyone indifferent.
When a user enters the application for the first time, he may not even attach value to the box that says “0 attempts, 0 rubles / 3000 rubles”.
But, with each new purchase, the amount in the window increases, interest awakens. A man opens a page and studies the rules of the game. And they are simple:
When a user spends 3,000 rubles in Pivtochka stores, he receives 1 free spin of the Wheel of Fortune. By pressing the “Spin” button, he participates in the game. There are 6 sectors on the reel in which the prizes are described. The winning result is completely randomized.
And now, when he comes to one of the stores of the Pivtochka chain, instead of the usual set of goods, he more often than usual takes something else in order to quickly “earn money” for trying to spin the drum. He can accumulate attempts in the hope of winning a specific prize or simply test his fortune every time he reaches the amount of 3,000 rubles.

Did the Wheel reach its goals?

Let's look at the graphs. How the number of unique users interacting with the application within 24 hours changed from the beginning of the year until the update.
We can see an increase in DAU by ~40%
Trend line - the application had stable growth, but immediately after the update this growth increased noticeably.
Alcoholic drinks have a peculiarity in their schedule, namely Friday peaks of activity :)
As you can see, even despite the abundance of holidays at the beginning of the year, we are showing very good growth (and we haven’t even reached the New Year holidays yet).
The number of items in the receipt increased from 2.5 to ~3. The average bill also increased by ~10%

What can you do to make the Wheel blow up in your application?

Let's talk a little more about how to prepare the user so that he himself wants to spend an additional 100-200 “money” just to get that very try in the wheel.

Of course, it’s always worth preparing the team for the launch of a new block, especially if there are offline points

We ourselves have encountered this, and now we advise you not to repeat our mistakes. All sellers should know what kind of wheel it is and what nuts you can take for 100 “money” to spin it.

Don't forget about marketing

If we want to reach the maximum number of users, carry out advertising and make it a big event with the distribution of gifts.

Develop in the user the habit and desire to get a try

If there are offline points, you definitely need to add information about the wheel to the store or, as in the point above, train employees to work with it. Then, instead of offering nuts for beer, the guys will offer nuts for spinning the wheel. And this is a completely different level of motivation! :)
It’s worth giving free attempts - we need to instill a desire to get all possible bonuses.
You can send push notifications: “X amount of money left until a new attempt! Buy X amount and spin the wheel.” This way we can both sell the products we need and once again convert the user into a purchase.

Unobtrusively remind you of how much time is left until the next attempt inside the application

On the main screen and/or the wheel page itself, we show the user their current progress to receive a try

Let's summarize the use of gamification in the loyalty program

The wheel is a relatively simple and cheap way to complement an existing loyalty program.
It can increase average check, retention and DAU even without any marketing investments due to the natural desire to get a dose of dopamine from spinning the wheel and receiving a prize.
In the right hands, this tool can force users of competing applications to choose you, because you sell the same beer, but a 20% discount is still a 20% discount.
To get it, of course, you will have to spin the wheel quite a bit, but that's another story :)
I hope you were as interested as I was, and if you suddenly want us to make the same wheel for you or develop a loyalty program, write to us!
P.S. We are not limited to the wheel, we will try to further improve our loyalty program by adding other gamification elements, stay tuned, part 2 will be more interesting :)