Online store for the network of cafes and pastry "Bushe"
We've created a website so that Bushe customers can order their favorite products both for delivery and pickup, see the availability of goods in real time and get acquainted with other projects.
23 years
on the market
60 shops
in Moscow and St. Petersburg
wenzels are sold per day
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Create a design based on the corporate identity and develop a website according to the SRS. Set up integration with the client's self-written CRM system. Implement the ability to manage orders through a personal account - for example, put them on a delayed time.
4 specialists
Food Tech
Work process
Creation of
Competitors research, analysis of requirements & references
Creation of
the final design
A design that would reflect the image of the company and meet the goals
Creating a personal account and API for the frontend
Integration with self-written CRM, which is used in the company
Launch of
the project
Minor adjustments and the final launch of the product
Promotions and news
In the personal account of company employees, tags can be added. They are used as filters. This allows you to create thematic collections and arrange promotions.
Search and sort
Products can be searched by ingredients, tags, attributes. When you type in the desired dessert in the search, the results will be sorted by availability in the selected location. This type of sorting is also implemented in the catalog. Thanks to multilingualism, you can search for Russian words in English version of the site and vice versa. Languages can be added.
Prices and assortment
To find out the current prices of products and the assortment in stock, you must select the city and delivery address that are included in the delivery area on the interactive map. This is implemented using a coordinate system within which the cost is calculated within a given delivery area. You can update it simply by downloading a file from Yandex with updated data.
Cart and cost calculation
Merging carts across all devices, even if you initially added items to your cart without being logged in. The cost of products is calculated automatically depending on the type of products, category, delivery area. All this can be edited in your personal account.
You can create a custom cake according to the parameters that are set by employees in your personal account. For example, the number of layers, toppings, icing, etc. After that, the client places an order, which is verified by a specialist, after which he receives a link to pay. If you want to order a cake, only actual times and dates when the product is ready will be shown in the calendar.
Management via CRM
If prices change in the catalog, or some positions are put on hold, you can update it with one button in your personal account - everything will be pulled up from the CRM. You can also enable/disable locations in your personal account.
Frontend React, Next.JS
Backend Laravel
Server Docker, Kubernetes