September 17, 2020

YPA in Food

We've created a functional app for a foodtech startup, which gives guests full control over visits to their favorite places: from booking a table and ordering dishes to automatic payment and tips to the waiter's card.

The YPA in Food app allows the guest to manage the restaurant service

We love cafes and restaurants for their atmosphere and food. And we don't like long waiting times and confused orders. Therefore, we have made an app for YPA in Food, which gives guests full control over visits to their favorite places: from booking a table and ordering dishes to automatic payment and tips to the waiter's card.

The task was to develop a functional app for a foodtech startup, to integrate it with various restaurant automation systems.

Why do we like this project?

New service model
Our main focus is the development of complex and innovative projects

HoReCa is our thing
We speak the same language with those who take hospitality to the next level

Solving business problems
Our projects always mean deep immersion in business and its digitization

The app works as a food aggregator with automatic payment. This is a future UBER in the world of cafes and restaurants.

The main differences from analogues:

  • рreal table reservation instead of a callback request;
  • order from the menu without a waiter;
  • ability to make a pre-order;
  • automatic payment from the card linked to the account;
  • options to call a waiter to your table directly from the app, transfer tips and much morе.

Self-presentation for food-serving places and simplicity for users

The design solution is based on a minimalistic interface and spectacular photos. It's easy to find a perfect Friday night bar, theme selections or a specific restaurant by strict parameters. Of course, you can find a cafe near your current location. Those who support the YPA service have special labels on the map.

Click on the card of the place

It has two states: normal and extended after authorization at the table by scanning a QR code.

Before scanning a QR code
After scanning
  • Structured menu.
  • We solved the issue of legislative restrictions on displaying the bar menu outside the food-serving place. It opens when you arrive at the restaurant.
  • Your request immediately gets to the restaurant's ordering system. This is an official reservation, not a callback request.

Now you can make an order

Unlike a traditional menu, there are real user reviews, photos and ratings of all dishes. Apart from that, everything is very similar to online shopping, with the only difference that delivery takes several minutes, not days.

Comment to the order is an indispensable app feature. Your preferences, such as "No onions" and "Double cheese, please", will not be lost, as they will immediately appear in the terminal of the place you're going to visit.

You can pay for your order immediately by a card linked to your account. Or choose cash and wait for a regular receipt. Want to tip? You can also transfer tips directly to the waiter's card. The percentage of the order is calculated automatically.
The peculiarity of YPA in Food is that you can rate or write a review only for those places where you have actually been. And only to those dishes that you have ordered.

Trust to honest ratings is much higher. In addition, the menu will be filled with photos of dishes and reviews from real guests. It is a great motivation for restaurants and cafes to keep up to high standards.

From restaurants to street food

YPA in Food has a huge target audience. The app will be useful to everyone who likes to dine out, prefers business lunches to packed lunches and just likes to grab a coffee on the way to office. So, we faced an important task to make the service convenient for both expensive restaurants and food trucks.

Integration with terminals

The app supports four main automation systems used in the restaurant business. Any reservation, order, comment to it and payments are recorded in a terminal of a food-serving place. There is nothing similar in Belarus so far.

Functionality for small and micro businesses

Small points of sale can also become more mobile with YPA in Food. For example, you can order your favorite cappuccino from the office, get notified about the status of the order, and then just go down and pick it up without waiting in line. The street food version of the app has tremendous potential, as it deals with payments, reviews, ratings, helps small businesses attract new customers and automate the work with orders.

We with great pleasure take on large-scale projects that simplify the lives of users and bring benefits to business. From analytics and project elaboration to design and development of a ready-to-release product.

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